A tale of two food courts

Pea Pa usually hates shopping for anything non food related, but he needs new jeans so we brave a Saturday afternoon in the city. I want to go to Westfield to buy some Baby GAP basics, and I'm keen to check out its flash food court, too.

It's busy and tests my pram steering skills but the parents room alone is worth the trip, with private feeding rooms and fancy L'Occitane hand soap.

Pea Pa has been here before and raved about the Reuben sandwich from Reuben and Moore, so we get one to share. He has a weakness for pickles, so it's easy to see why he loves it. I agree - it's really good.

We browse the other food outlets and almost fork out $8 for a bowl of Justin North's parmesan and truffle fries. Not sure if it's the cost or the calories that's the more guilt inducing, but we resist for now.
Just as well, because when hunger strikes again post-shop we detour from our Chinatown car park to Eating World in Dixon St.

Pea Pa has tried to tempt me to visit the Gumshara Ramen place for thick pig bone soup for a while now - the signs there spruik the skincare benefits of all that collagen - but recently he fell for Singapore Shiok! and wants me to try the chicken char kway tiao. He's about to order the specialty, chicken rice, but goes for nasi lemak instead.

For the price of those fries we get a large dome of coconut rice, draped in omelette and surrounded by good things - fried chicken pieces, a pressed pork cake, ikan bilis, sweet sambal and quenching cucumber.

The char kway tiao is saucier than expected and loaded with flavour from the garlicky greens, Chinese sausage and crispy fried pork belly nuggets. Yum. I love it so much I have to chase the last chopstick eluding fragments from the plate with my fingers. Mission accomplished.

Reuben & Moore
Westfield Sydney
Cnr Pitt St Mall and Market St, Sydney NSW 2000
p. (02) 8236 9200
w. http://westfield.com.au/sydney/

Reuben & Moore on Urbanspoon

Singapore Shiok!
Eating World
25-29 Dixon Street, Chinatown, NSW

Singapore Shiok!* on Urbanspoon

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  1. Herbie is handsome in a beanie! I am also obsessed with Gumshara Ramen, it's the closest thing to the ones we had in Japan. Eating World rules!