Gloria's Cafe, Petersham

Lunch with Nana Boot again and this time I suggest a healthy stroll uphill to Petersham. We stop at the art shop on Audley St to buy some picture frames for Baby Pea photos before settling in at Gloria's Cafe. We last ate here more than five years ago. I remember loving the garlic prawns, and the Portuguese hot dog - a roll with ham, cheese, frankfurter and mustard.

The lunch menu also offers $10 salads and my crustacean-loving mum-in-law likes the sound of the prawn croquettes. There are two per serve and I order the bacalao version so we'll have one of each, plus a bowl of fries.

Complimentary olives and bread rolls keep us going until the salads arrive in traditional terracotta dishes.

We're both very satisfied, though we both prefer the bacalao croquette. The Portuguese really know how to cook a good fish cake.

Gloria's Café
1/82 Audley Street, Petersham NSW 2049
p. (02) 9568 3966

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