Let's Eat, Marrickville

Thai is one of my favourite cuisines to cook at home but one I avoid eating out for fear of disappointment. Most neighbourhood restaurants aren't bad, they just err on the side of sweet and bland and when you've seen one takeaway menu, you've seen them all.

That was until Let's Eat popped up in the site of a scary old Vietnamese restaurant on the other side of the train tracks. Pea Pa and I stumbled in one lunchtime, ate some crispy fish and fell in love. Now it's our number one pick when we want a pick-me-up dinner delivered (try the tom yum gai), or a place to take visiting friends and family.

Usually packed with people come dinnertime - probably not very pram-friendly - Let's Eat Thai is much more quiet in the afternoon and you can also enjoy the standard noodle, rice, curry and stir-fry dishes at a bargain price. After much debate over the menu we settled on two chilli-licious choices - the spicy noodle and the pad prik sod with prawns.

The spicy noodle is similar to pad see ew - stir-fried flat rice noodles with egg and Chinese broccoli, but with chilli and basil for extra flavour. It arrives with just the right amount of char and kick and we scoff it while it's hot.

The pad prik sod with pork is my newest takeaway favourite and I'm not sure how the sweet soy bean paste sauce will go with prawns. To my delight, it tastes even better. Let's Eat does prawns very well - they look barely cooked and taste fresh and succulent. In the way of vegies, there's only onions and lots of long red chilli for flavour as well as heat. The rice soaks up the amazing sauce and we feel very satisfied, but not too full.

That's good because we've got our eye on the desserts. $3.50 buys you sago with coconut milk or sticky rice with Thai custard (for an extra $4 you can have it with mango). We go the sago to share.

The sago spheres are a lovely shade of green and are clustered like frogspawn in a pool of warm, thick coconut soup that's super sweet. We stir them in and slurp, chew and swallow - yum.

We're in and out without overspending or waking up the little one, and with only a twenty minute walk home too. Tops.

Let's Eat
352 Illawarra Road, Marrickville NSW 2204
p. 02 9558 9508

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