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Confession - there's no pram in today's post, but there are a few greens on the plate if that helps. On our way to visit family on the north side, Pea Pa suggests a detour to Eastwood for Chinese and hands me his iPhone to search one of his favourite food blogs for tips. The review has our mouths watering but the name of one recommended dish seals the deal - Pei Pa duck. 

Prewarned that the restaurant would be crowded, we come in carrying Baby Pea in his capsule and a nice lady puts us at a table against the wall. It takes a while to get our order taken but the wait is well worth it. Not only that, but there's a bonus dish to keep you going while you wait - a big bowl of ugly/beautiful chicken soup - grey-beige, gloopy and utterly delicious.

Don't fill up too much though, because the portions are huge. For $15 each we get two large plates of steamed rice and greens topped with top-quality barbecue goodies. We've gone for the roast suckling pig twice, one serve sharing a plate with the Pei Pa barbecued duck, and there's a dish of hoisin sauce for dipping.

Maybe not everyone could tuck into tender suckling swine with their own little milk-fed piglet sitting beside them, but I have no qualms about it - in fact I can't imagine anything more heavenly, though later I feel like I've pigged out a little bit too much. The duck can't claim the same crispy skin but it's not too fatty and the moist, flavoursome meat is almost as tasty.

We grab a menu on the way out so we'll be ready to try something different next time we're passing through, though it's going to be hard to resist that little piggy ...

BBQ One Kitchen
Shop 10-11/160 Rowe St (Eastwood Shopping Centre)
p. 02 9874 5323

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