Sideways Deli Cafe, Dulwich Hill

I conceived the idea for this offspring of food and "mommy" blogging (fomo?) a few weeks ago, and the first post-baby meeting of my RPA Parent Education group was the excuse I needed to get started. But where to meet? I'd already suggested locals Bourke St Bakery and Miss Petty Cash when my husband – let's call him Pea Pa – pointed out this SMH review. Pram-friendly? Perfect. After a leisurely stroll from Marrickville to the busy corner cafe, I loitered outside, unsure how they would accommodate four people plus prams. Not a problem. A smiley waiter guided me in to a large table in one corner. Cheery service - tick. Behind me lay two boxes full of toys and a stack of kids books, clearly part of the attraction for local parents.

With Baby Pea still asleep in his pod, I quenched my walk-thirst with water and ordered a flat white, which came with a Tiny Teddy on the side. Good coffee - double tick.

Foodwise, being 2pm on a Thursday afternoon I had a lot of options. The lunch menu offers plenty of choices including Greek favourites from mezze to moussaka. I was also tempted to go straight to dessert, despite having gorged on homemade apple strudel and ice-cream a couple of hours earlier. But my lactation-led sugar cravings were beaten by blog logic as I'd spied something on the all-day breakfast menu - Green Eggs. What could be better on St Patrick's Day? My Irish friend would probably go for the Potato Stack, but that wouldn't justify the title of my blog, so the pesto and feta scramble was my pick. It arrived with piles of bacon, thick toast and roast tomatoes.

My fellow mums chose a special of pumpkin and goats cheese tart, and the famous steak sandwich times two. 

I soon learned my first fomo-blogging lesson - food should be easy to eat one-handed and still appetising at room temperature. Baby Pea's pressing need to be fed and held meant my knife was redundant as I made do with forkfuls of cooled egg. I soon abandoned all manners to tackle the toast and tear off pieces of fatty bacon with my fingers. The salty combination of pesto, cheese and bacon was good, especially with the tangy tomato, but I couldn't finish the generous plateful.

The tart got the thumbs up, but the steak sandwiches divided opinion. The mum whose bub slept through lunch enjoyed hers, but the other thought the aïoli was too garlic-heavy - and to be fair, hers had gone cold by the time her baby let her eat. Luckily the staff were lovely and let us linger as long as we needed to. 

I'll definitely be back with my tea-loving mum-in-law to try as many cakes as I can.

Sideways Deli Cafe
37 Constitution Rd, Dulwich Hill NSW 2203
t. (02) 9560 1425

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